Marcia Boakye

Clinical Data Management Professional, Roche Products Ltd


Marcia is currently an Oncology Team Leader in the Data Management department at Roche Products Ltd, the world’s largest Biotech company) where she leads a team of ~45 across the UK and Switzerland. Marcia has nearly 20 years’ experience in this industry.
In 2015, within months of returning from maternity leave, Marcia became the first ever black person on the Senior Leadership Team of her ~350 strong global organization, a significant event which led to her winning the 2016 Black British Business Awards STEM Leader category. Marcia has a strong interest in leadership, behaviours for impactful teaming, purpose built networks and positivity.
With a BSc in Biotechnology and an MSc in Forensic Science (both from King’s College London), Marcia is also a mum of three young children and is a strong advocate for young people (especially from inner city areas) recognizing the drug development industry as a career option and realising their potential.

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