Matthew Spencer

Head of Public Sector Sales, Telefonica UK


I currently lead the public sector sales team at Telefonica O2 providing mobile and ICT solutions for the public sector. I have enjoyed a career mostly in sales and customer facing roles and strongly beleive that sales is one of the “unsung” professions in industry requiring skill, discipline, knowledge and self-motivation to succeed. I didn’t consider it was a career choice from school and yet it has been very rewarding.

For the last ten years I have been involved in delivering solutions to the public sector from 600 million prescriptions into doctor’s surgeries through to border security and the electronic monitoring of offenders. As a private sector business working into public there are many nuances to consider about how they buy and what industry can do to support policy and help Government to make the right decisions. I have worked on projects such as the GPS tracking of offenders and how government and policing can better protect victims of violence.

In the past I have also delivered motivational training including designing and delivering a course to young people on developing and following their visions and goals. It is so important for young people to understand how they can work to be successful, develop their value and purpose and move through their careers.

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