Pierre-Simon Ntiruhungwa

Co-founder and Head, Founders of the Future

Guest Speaker


A lifelong learner and entrepreneur at heart, Pierre wants to empower people to be the best version of themselves via his passion for education, entrepreneurship, optimal living and deep practice.
At age 22, he launched his first company, Silicon Students. Through a summer bootcamp for international young aspiring entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley which connected 45 aspiring entrepreneurs from 15+ countries with 50+ mentors and speakers over 3 summers, his ambition was to create an academy of entrepreneurship.
He now runs Founders of the Future, which was co-founded with Brent Hoberman and launched at 10 Downing Street in March of 2016. Founders of the Future builds educational programmes, events and tools for aspiring entrepreneurs in their journey to become tech founders and is part of the Founders Forum Family.
For his work with Silicon Students and Founders of the Future, Pierre has been featured in in 30+ media outlets or online articles including The Times, The Financial Times, Forbes, Wired UK, La Tribune, TheNextWeb and Pandodaily.
Pierre was featured in the Financial Times as one of The UK’s top 100 BAME leaders in technology in 2018 and is a mentor for Techstars Startupboost program, Kickstart and Nile Rodgers’s We Are Family Foundation.