Professor Alan Dearle

Dean of Science, University of St Andrews


Alan Dearle received his B.Sc(hons) from St Andrews University in Scotland in 1983 after which he went on to become a research assistant in the Persistent Programming Group whilst also working towards a Ph.D with his doctorate being conferred in 1988.

After graduating he became a lecturer in Computational Science at St Andrews University. During this time he was a co-designer (with Ron Morrison, Fred Brown and Richard Connor) and implementer of the orthogonally persistent programming language Napier88.

In 1990 Dr. Dearle moved to The University of Adelaide, becoming a reader in Computer Science in 1992. At Adelaide he pioneered a technique which became known as Hyper-programming. He then started the Grasshopper Persistent Operating Systems Project with Prof. John Rosenberg of Sydney University in 1992.

In 1994 he moved to The University of Stirling to take up a chair in Computing Science. In Stirling, Prof. Dearle started another operating system project which led to the development of Charm, an exo-kernel operating system. He was Head of the School of Computer Science from 1997-1999.

In 1999, Prof. Dearle returned to St Andrews to take up a chair in Computer Science. At St Andrews he has started new funded research projects in reflective middleware for distributed systems. Prof. Dearle was Head of the School of Computer Science at St Andrews from 2001-2001 and again from 2008-2011. During the naughties, he worked as a consultant with Enigmatec Corp, which resulted in 4 patents on distributed systems.

Prof. Dearle’s current research interests include ubiquitous computing, computation in the network, global storage and content based routing. Recently he has worked on a language called Insense and an operating system which runs on sensor nets. Most recently has been working on a distributed, autonomous relational database called H2O.

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