Professor John Darlington

Professor of Computing & Director of the E-Science Center


John Darlington is a professor in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London and head of the Social Computing Group and director of the London e-Science Centre based there. Professor Darlington has a long and distinguished track record both in the development of novel software technologies and in the creation of facilities to improve the accessibility and ease of use of computational resources. This work has included pioneering developments in functional programming languages, program transformation, functional skeletons, co-ordination forms (later adopted by Google as map/reduce) and component-based application development frameworks.

Facility developments have included the founding and operation of the Imperial College Fujitsu Parallel Research Centre, the Imperial College Parallel Computing Centre, the London e-Science Centre and the Imperial College Internet Centre. This work has supported a variety of innovative application developments in a wide variety of application domains. Professor Darlington’s current interests include the use of Cloud computing to support a variety of public and civic Internet services and applications and the economic and social issues surrounding their successful use.

Professor Darlington’s current interests also include the evolution of the Internet and the effect this will have in all areas of society and the role citizens can play in guiding its development.

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