Rakesh Sharma

CEO, Ultra Electronics


Rakesh Sharma, age 52, started his career as an electronic design engineer at Marconi in 1983 before moving to Dowty as Chief Engineer of Sonar & Communication Systems in 1989. He was appointed Marketing Director of that business in 1993 when Ultra Electronics was formed. From 1997 to 1999 he worked in the US as Ultra’s Operations Director, North America. After returning to the UK he was Managing Director of PMES and then of Sonar & Communication Systems before taking his first divisional role in 2005 as Managing Director, Tactical & Sonar Systems. In 2008 he moved to run the Group’s Information & Power Systems Division before being appointed Chief Operating Officer in January 2010 and was appointed to the Board in April 2010. He became Chief Executive at the AGM in April 2011.

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