Sarah Mackenzie Ross

Clinical Psychologist


Dr Sarah Mackenzie Ross is a Clinical Psychologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London and an accomplished speaker. She has considerable teaching experience having been involved in the training of clinical psychologists for over 20 years and uses a range of teaching methods to facilitate learning (e.g. role play, video feedback, group work). Sarah’s career history has included several appointments in the National Health Service, working as both a clinical psychologist and researcher in adult mental health and neuroscience. In 2004 she was awarded £700,000 funding from the UK Government to research the neurotoxicity of pesticides and she ran a four year research programme, managing a research team. Sarah has published her work in scientific journals and given evidence to Government Scientific Committees and at Government Inquiries. Sarah’s work has been featured in a number of radio and television programmes over the years. She currently runs her own private practice providing reports for medico-legal and healthcare purposes; and she is an Honorary Civilian Consultant Advisor in neuropsychology for the Ministry of Defence. Sarah continues to teach on a range of postgraduate courses at universities throughout the UK. She lives in Surrey with her husband, two children aged 11 and 12 years, a dog and a cat.

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